Roots…and fruits

It all started back in 2012, thanks to the creativity and playful “unconsciousness” of three friends: Chiara, Dhelim and Zak. Together we gave birth to our organic tavern project: Sbarbacipolla Biosteria. We were still unaware of what would have come, nonetheless we were firmly sure that we would have remained foolish dreamers….It’s been a long road since then, we had fun, we grew and we got to know each other. Along our path, all the people we had been working with became friends, and they are now full members of the Sbarbacipolla family. Some of them stayed, someone left…In the meantime, the project grew solid and solid, and its growth gave birth to Cipollino and everything that Sbarbacipolla is nowadays.

Sbarbacipolla is a place in which we tried to quit the classic idea of restaurant, aiming to create sensations and atmospheres that could stimulate all senses besides taste! The goal is to propose an all-round gastronomic experience, encouraging the harmony between body and soul. The place is constantly evolving, it follows our lives and experiences, being inspired from them and inspiring in turn; it grows and flowers along with us, thanks to our restless research.

Passion with ethics

Purity is the core of our idea of cooking; we choose simple, authentic tastes. A Bio-evolutionary cuisine, based on the strength of simplicity. In fact, we like to think that the less you transform something, the closer you get to its essence.

Such a fundamental philosophy pushed us to research, try, dream and theorize. Our menu is constantly changing, driven by seasons, imagination and inspiration. We only use natural ingredients, Organic or Demeter certified. We seek a direct contact and true relationships with producers and suppliers. We trust in local products with zero food miles, and when not possible we try to get as much information as we can, and purchasing those ingredients that are far from us as consciously as possible.

Our way of thinking led us to propose a cuisine that is mainly vegetarian or vegan. However, we always offer at least two omnivore dishes, as we respect freedom of thought and the path chosen by everyone. We promote and divulge an antispecist and antiracist thinking, both in theory and facts. We believe in freedom of choice and we always enjoy discussing with different people, enriching ourselves with variegated experiences, together searching for the truth.


The soul and the mastermind of the Biosteria. Limitless love and passion. Following his family’s footsteps, he is constantly tasting, researching and perfecting his own culinary identity, sparkling it up with ethics and idealism.


The Queen of the dining room, and the sweet side of the Biosteria. A gigantic heart and smile. Painter as a profession, musician for amusement, she entered the Sbarbacipolla project due to her third passion: eating!


The kitchen’s Doric column.  Endowed with relentless happiness and smile, she has always been part of the Biosteria: essentially, we were born and we grew together. Ruler of food processors, she is recognized as Queen of the appetizers and the sorceress of pici!


Sunny fulfils the strength of the sbarbakitchen. Infinite kindness and tranquility. From Southern India through a series of jobs around the world, he started his culinary adventure at Biosteria bringing harmony and a spicy flavor.


The sweet sbarbina. Sweetness and beauty on each of her pois. Following the path of her sister, she started her new life within the sbarba-family with a smile and great eyes full of life.