A constant relation with farmers, harvesters and producers, along with a good amount of imagination, led to the birth of our legendary Sbarba-board! Indeed, you will find no printed menu at Sbarbacipolla. Instead, a great central blackboard hosts an ever-changing menu, with no confirmation except for the pleasure to research, experiment and taste!

Our menu includes gluten-free dishes and we are always more than happy to satisfy any other food intolerance or requirement.

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For a start, we offer local cask wine with zero food miles, to promote wine as a rural action, rejoicing in its simplicity: our selection includes all of the organic farms in the municipality of Colle Val D’Elsa. Then, our wine list focuses on small farms and organic or biodynamic producers, mostly from Italy, some from beyond the Alps. Their wines come from single grape varieties cultivated manually. Behind each of our wines, you will find genuine faces, hands and hoes. Wines that can tell a lot about their own land, oozing knowledge and history.
A small selection of home-brews, to quench your thirst with the fruits of hop. We promote three local producers, small businesses that are nonetheless proud of their own identity, with assertive and intriguing flavours.
Happy non-alcoholic sips with our sugar-free fruit juices and refreshing organic beverages

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Final Snuggles

A little pampering to end your sbarba-experience in harmony and lightness!
Pastry making is a sector in which we put a special care, trying to propose our ideas with passion and research. The sbarba-patisserie is made of ancient grain flours, malts, raw sugar, superfoods and selected ingredients in a non-ordinary proposal, always based on seasonal products, and lightness. Our cakes are as free as possible from any ingredient of animal origin: a pastry style oriented towards both taste and healthiness.
A snuggle? What about two?! We combine our patisserie with a comprehensive list of sippers: a warm triumph of pleasures to end your meal with a sweet smile

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